Wealth Creation

The Creation of Wealth is More than Investing

Wealth Creation is like storing time

Money (Currency) is the Storage of Your Time

If you are going to be successful at creating wealth you have to stop creating debt. In fact it is the art of managing and eliminating debt that gives you the power to create wealth.

Of the two, which do you think is easiest, creating wealth or creating debt?  What would it be like to be 100% debt free?  Is it even possible?  Most believe they will never be debt free.

Money (currency) is nothing more than the storage of your time.  Every time you spend a dollar you spend some of your time.  Why spend the extra time (interest) if you do not have to spend it?

You are part of the next generation of Americans we call the Sandwich Generation”.

These are families who find themselves taking care of their parents and/or grandparents while trying to save for their immediate family needs and children’s future. That’s a pretty difficult task, families have no way of ever being “caught up”.

Most families have no idea where their money goes.  Families have figured out how to bring it home but have failed to learn how to keep it.

Unfortunately financial planning for most families amounts to watching the lower right-hand corner of their check register with the attitude if there is money there, spend it.

To be successful in understanding where your money (time) goes you have to put in the time and effort necessary to create a detailed budget line item by line item.  Most families have no idea where to start.  I help families do just that.  I hold your hand, so to speak, and help you get it done.  It is a FREE service.

Definition of a Credit Card

Credit Card

A means for buying something you don’t need at a price you can’t afford with money you don’t have!

That is a fun definition of a credit card, but what is it really?

Any time you sign a mortgage, car payment or credit card you are legally signing away your future time. Some have signed away so much of their time they have become indentured servants to the lender.

To create wealth you have to be able to do one of two things:

  1. Make more than you spend
  2. Spend less than you make.

Either method works, and the same holds true in the elimination of debt.

Wealth Creation Through Debt Elimination

Benjamin Franklin believed in wealth creation

Benjamin Franklin

If you are going to create wealth you have to set a goal to eliminate debt.  Thousands of dollars are saved through the elimination of debt.

You probably heard that Benjamin Franklin once said, “a penny saved is a penny earned.”  Instead of going into debt (debt creation) you have to set a goal to eliminate debt (wealth creation).  Eliminate 100% of your debt including your mortgage.

No Obligation Financial Analysis

We are in the business of helping families really understand what it will take to create wealth.

Contact me at 206-478-3507 or e-mail Lifestyle Equity Builder.

I will walk you through a 45 minute presentation on-line on a new way of thinking about money and how you can eliminate your debt and create wealth.  We have successfully put families on course to saving over $100 million in interest and we have zero complaints with the Better Business Bureau.


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