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Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom

Six Steps to Financial Freedom

You can achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM or financial security by following the Six Steps to Financial Freedom.

You may have heard of or read the book “The Millionaire Next Door.” In it they say that millionaires “allocate their TIME, ENERGY, and MONEY efficiently, in ways conducive to building wealth.” For financial freedom you have to make the most of your money. You can with a new way of thinking. Continue reading

Pay Off Mortgage Early – Yes/No?

Mortgage Pay Off – Early?

The questions is, “should I pay off my mortgage early?” To answer that question you have to ask yourself a number of questions: Continue reading

Wealth Creation

The Creation of Wealth is More than Investing

If you are going to be successful at creating wealth you have to stop creating debt. In fact it is the art of managing and eliminating debt that gives you the power to create wealth. Of the two, which do you think is easiest, creating wealth or creating debt? What would it be like to be 100% debt free? Is it even possible? Most believe they will never be debt free.

Money (currency) is nothing more than the storage of your time. Every time you spend a dollar you spend some of your time. Why spend the extra time (interest) if you do not have to spend it? Continue reading