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Equity Release

Baby Boomers are interested in Equity Release loans - Lifestyle Equity Builder

With 70,000 baby boomers per month entering their 60’s, the lenders for Equity Release programs or Reverse Mortgages (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage – HECM) are cranking up their advertising.

The Reverse Mortgage is advertised with benefits that sound very attractive. Continue reading

Fin Freedom

Financial Freedom - Lifestyle Equity Builder

Financial freedom should be everyone’s goal.

Eliminate debt and you can build equity. Build equity and you’re on your way to financial freedom.

In today’s economy many people find themselves struggling with the rising cost of fuel, high mortgage payments, various loans, credit card debt and high interest rates. Many also find themselves with less income. Continue reading

Equity Acceleration

Accelerating Equity Equals Debt Elimination

Everyone in life would like to accelerate the growth of their equity. Some try to do it through investing in the market aggressively. Others try to build equity the slow and sure way by investing in fixed financial instruments while others simply do not have the tools and knowledge to create equity, so they simply give up.

We meet families all of the time that have been working hard at putting money away, but they are yet to achieve real equity. Real equity is the sum total of your investments and real estate versus the amount of debt that you owe to lenders. You may have a good stack of money in the bank, but still owe a bigger stack of money to the lender. In fact, truth to be known, many are in a negative position when it comes to equity. Would you rather have the net equity of the family at the top of the chart on the left or the net equity of the family on the bottom half of the chart to the left? The two examples represent a spread of $400,000. Being debt free has a powerful impact on your net equity position. Continue reading