Owning a House

Do You Really Own Your House?

Owning a House - Lifestyle Equity BuilderHome ownership…the American Dream! Two kids, a dog and a cat, a white picket fence and a mortgage, what more could you want? We were doing pretty good until we got to the part about a mortgage, that part’s not so exciting! Does the bank own your house or do you?

If you want to own a house, you have to have a mortgage, right? Not necessarily!

Yes, it’s true, most of us have to start by taking out a mortgage in order to get our home, most of us don’t have several hundred thousand dollars sitting in the bank that we can buy a house outright. In fact, most of us have to take out mortgages that run for 30 years.

Will You Ever Own Your House?

Will you have to pay on your mortgage for 30 years before you’re the legal homeowner? Unfortunately, that’s what most people believe, but in fact, it’s just not true.

You can pay off your mortgage sooner than you thought by following an equity acceleration program.

How Does it Work?

Lifestyle Equity Builder, the original debt elimination and equity acceleration program is a proven strategy to help homeowners build equity by completely eliminating their debt, which includes eliminating their mortgage.

With over 40 year of experience, we can help you save money on your mortgage and all other debt you may have, which helps you become financially free. We can help you eliminate your debt in about 1/3 of the time. Did you ever think it was possible?

Your future is looking pretty great…

  • Live a debt free life
  • Live Debt Free - Lifestyle Equity BuilderFree to send your kids to college
  • Free to save money
  • Free to plan for retirement
  • Free to live an independent lifestyle
  • Free to invest
  • Free to own more than one property

Wouldn’t you like to be the “homeowner” and take that title from your bank?

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