The Lifestyle Equity Builder is a proven methodology and strategy to accelerate the building of equity through the elimination of debt.

Using modern financial tools and banking strategies, Lifestyle Equity Builder has successfully utilized equity acceleration and complete debt elimination to achieve an unprecedented rate of “financial freedom” and home ownership free of debt.

This incredible wealth building strategy is growing rapidly across the United States! Our clients are experiencing 50% to 75% saving in interest on the way to building more equity.
Lifestyle Equity Builder System is the original equity acceleration and debt elimination plan and the only system of its kind designed to help you maximize the savings on both your mortgage and ALL other consumer debt while building equity and wealth faster.

Based on 40 plus years of experience we developed our system as a PC-based software solution that provides 100% control over your budget without potential service interruption or inability to access your account. You own the software with a lifetime of free support and software upgrades.

You are part of the next generation of Americans we call the Sandwich Generation”.

These are families who find themselves taking care of their parents and/or grandparents while trying to save for their immediate family needs and children’s future. We see a growing number of Americans in this situation and the Lifestyle Equity Builder can provide the solution to your financial freedom.

We concentrate on Keeping America Strong one Family at a Time, no matter what the economy is doing!

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