Financial Freedom

Six Steps to Financial Freedom

Financial FreedomYou can achieve Financial Freedom  or financial security by following the Six Steps to Financial Freedom.

You may have heard of or read the book “The Millionaire Next Door.”  In it they say that millionaires “allocate their TIME, ENERGY, and MONEY efficiently, in ways conducive to building wealth.”

For financial freedom you have to make the most of your money.  You can with a new way of thinking.

  1. Financial FreedomIncrease Cash Flow:  To be successful in achieving financial freedom you have to be making more than you spend or spend less than you make.  Either one works.  The fastest way to increase cash flow is by eliminating debt and controlling your spending.
  2. Manage DebtThe Lifestyle Equity Builder (LEB) is a champion at illustrating how to manage and eliminate your debt saving thousands of dollars in interest.  Your first step in financial freedom is becoming 100% debt free.
  3. Create Emergency Fund:  Most families are one paycheck away from being broke.  LEB can show you how to create your emergency fund right out of the gate and put all of your money to work.
  4. Ensure Proper Protection:  Protect against loss of income and protect family assets.
  5. Build Long-Term Savings:  Knowing when it is best to start saving and investing for your future is key.  Should you pay off your mortgage early or invest? Let LEB tell you the answer.
  6. Preserve Your Estate:  Have the proper instruments in place to preserve your estate.  Why let it go to the government?

Goal Setting for Financial Freedom

Financial GoalsFinancial Freedom is nothing more than having a stack of money sufficient to meet your needs.  Lower your needs by eliminating debt.  Lower your needs by controlling your spending habits.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “a penny saved is a penny earned.”  Every penny that you can keep (interest saved) instead of giving it away needlessly to others helps achieve financial freedom.

Families simply lack financial discipline and the tools necessary to keep them on track.  To achieve any goal “guaranteed” you need to have a S.M.A.R.T. plan.  LEB is a S.M.A.R.T. plan, it is goal specific.

  • Specific: Develop a full detailed budget – we do that for you with LEB.
  • Measurable:  Compare what you spending in relationship to your budget using the LEB Variance Report.
  • Achievable:  Know your get out of debt date and how much you will save in interest using the LEB Time & Interest Saved chart.  It leads to financial freedom.
  • Results in a specific Time frame:  If you can see what your day to day actions have on your future, you can reshape your spending habits.  You can see when the debt free and financial freedom day is going to occur.

Life Happens

Once you set your goal, you now have to stay on course.  There is never a direct pathway to financial freedom.  It is wrought with “life happens” issues.  When life happens you need the discipline and system that is provided by the Lifestyle Equity Builder.

Take Action

Take action and contact me and I will run a FREE financial analysis to let you know what it will take for you to achieve Financial Freedom.  Click on the button at the top of this page and let’s talk.

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