Financial Control

Financial Control for Families

Financial SavingsFamilies, now more than ever, need to develop and learn financial control.

It is estimated that 98% of American families have no financial control.

Most families’ financial control consists of looking at the lower right hand corner of their check register.  If there is money there, spend it!

Families have been headed in the wrong direction for too long.  It took just twelve (12) years (1992 to 2004) to double personal debt to some $10 trillion.  Since then it has gone up to over $12 trillion.

Credit CardsDid you know that the average family in America has $9,500 on credit cards?  Some metropolitan areas like Seattle, WA have an average $12,000 per family.

Look where we have been.  Our personal savings rate in the early 80’s was almost 11%, then the early 90’s it was almost 9%, but it kept going down hill until in March of 2005 we hit zero percent in savings.  It did not stop there, it kept going down to a negative savings of -8%.

As a nation, families are spending over 108% of what they earn.  Something has to be done to develop financial control for families.  We do just that with the Lifestyle Equity Builder.

We have given financial control to hundreds of families, one family at a time with a goal to create equity faster through the elimination of debt.  LEB has helped save over $100,000,000 million in interest and benefits.

Danger – Turn Your Headlights On!

Financial ControlIf you are out in the evening and you are driving down a winding road and you see it is going to be dark soon, would you not prefer to have your head lights on to see where you are going.

Most families are driving with their headlights turned off.  They have no idea what the financial decisions of today are going to have on their financial future.

If you are using Quick Books or just a check register, you can see where you have been, but you cannot see what is ahead.  Why take the chance of running off a cliff because your headlights are turned off.  So many families are doing just that, they are driving in the dark waiting for the crash.  The Lifestyle Equity Builder program is going to turn on your headlights.  It will give you the capability to see the future.  It will keep you on track.

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