Equity Acceleration

Accelerating Equity Equals Debt Elimination

Build EquityEveryone in life would like to accelerate the growth of their equity.

Some try to do it through investing in the market aggressively.  Others try to build equity the slow and sure way by investing in fixed financial instruments while others simply do not have the tools and knowledge to create equity, so they simply give up.

We meet families all of the time that have been working hard at putting money away, but they have yet to achieve real equity.

What is equity?

Real equity is the sum total of your investments and real estate versus the amount of debt that you owe to lenders.

You may have a good stack of money in the bank, but still owe a bigger stack of money to the lender.  In fact, truth to be known, many are in a negative position when it comes to equity.

Would you rather have the net equity of a family at the top of the chart on the left or the net equity of the family on the bottom half of the chart to the left?  The two examples represent a spread of $400,000.

Being debt free has a powerful impact on your net equity position.

Equity Growth Through Debt Elimination

To accelerate equity faster you have to change your focus from just investing over to a mind set to eliminate all your debt, including your mortgage.

You are the captain of your financial shipYou are the captain of your financial ship.  You are trying hard to move forward (create equity) and to make progress.

Think of debt as the anchor you left submerged under the water digging into the bottom of the lake or ocean that is sapping the ability of your financial ship to move forward.  You have your engines on full throttle, burning up the fuel, but you are not making progress because of the debt anchoring you to the bottom of the sea.

Your debt anchor will drag you down.  It might even sink your ship.  To make real progress in Equity Acceleration you have to pull up your anchor (eliminate debt).  As debt is eliminated your financial ship will pick up speed in Equity Acceleration.  It will save interest, which provides more fuel to your engines and lets your financial ship get up on top of the water which reduces drag.  The less drag, the faster you develop true equity.

A New Way of Thinking

Think about building equityThe Lifestyle Equity Builder educates and teaches a new methodology designed to pay off all debt years earlier, saving thousands of dollars in interest resulting in 100% debt elimination years earlier than thought possible.  You have to take total control of your money instead of just making set repayments in order to Accelerate Equity.

Perhaps the picture to the left is what you should be doing.  Just think what it would it mean to you and your family to be 100% debt free and to take complete control of your financial future.

You have the power to build equity faster through the elimination of debt.  All you have to do is learn the real secret to EQUITY ACCELERATION – Debt Elimination.

The Lifestyle Equity Builder has taught families how to save over $100 million in benefits.  They are eliminating their debt.  You can too.

No Obligation Financial Analysis

We are in the business of helping families really understand what it will take to Accelerate Equity.

Contact me at 206-478-3507 or e-mail Lifestyle Equity Builder by clicking on the button at the top right.

I will walk you through a 45 minute presentation on-line on a new way of thinking about money and how you can eliminate your debt and Accelerate Equity.  We have successfully put families on course to saving over $100 million in interest and we have zero complaints with the Better Business Bureau.

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