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Money Problems

Image of Poor budgeting leads to money problems - Lifestyle Equity Builder

Even if you have a good job, which many people today don’t, you can find yourself having money problems.

It doesn’t mean that you don’t make enough money, it means you spend more than you make. Continue reading

Equity Release

Baby Boomers are interested in Equity Release loans - Lifestyle Equity Builder

With 70,000 baby boomers per month entering their 60’s, the lenders for Equity Release programs or Reverse Mortgages (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage – HECM) are cranking up their advertising.

The Reverse Mortgage is advertised with benefits that sound very attractive. Continue reading

Financial Control

Families now more than ever need to develop and learn financial control. It is estimated that 98% of American families have no financial control. Most families financial control consists of looking at the lower right hand corner of their check register. If there is money there, spend it!

Families have been headed in the wrong direction for too long. It took just twelve (12) years (1992 to 2004) to double personal debt to some $10 trillion. Since then it has gone up to over $12 trillion. Did you know that the average family in America has $9,500 on credit cards. Some metropolitan areas like Seattle, WA have an average $12,000 per family. Continue reading