Richard L. Harter, CPM, CSM, CRES

President/CEO and Founder, MDRP Marketing Services, Inc.

Richard L. Harter, CPM, CSM, CRES, President/CEO and founder of MDRP Marketing Services, Inc., has an extensive background in the production of financial analysis for major corporations, start-up companies, and all size real estate projects in the area of development and management. Mr. Harter the architect of the Lifestyle Equity Builder has now brought the decision matrix and reporting systems form corporate America and made them available to families on a level which has never been available before.

Richard developed his skills with computers and financial analysis starting with the time when personal PCs hit the market with the simplest of programs. His skill to develop programs that will allow clients to look at many options and their result took him all the way to Vice President of Administration for Balcor American Express, the leading syndication company in the United States. He was brought to Balcor from Fox and Carskadon Financial Corporation where he spent 11 years developing budgeting and management systems. The number one syndicate in the nation, Balcor American Express recruited Richard from Fox to give them the budgeting and management expertise they needed for their tremendous portfolio of commercial properties.

Following this corporate stint, Richard went out on his own in 1986 and formed The Harter Group, providing financial analysis, due diligence, lease negotiations and management services to major legal firms, real estate developers and major tenants, saving them thousands of dollars and increasing their profit line. For a number of years, Richard taught real estate management and budgeting on the college level in the Seattle market. Through his teaching, many students became key players in major corporations.

In 1996, Richard added in financial services, becoming fully licensed to serve the financial needs of families by working through World Group Securities which lead him into the development of several products that serviced the needs of families in a way that will save them money and provide additional benefits.

The premier product developed has become known as the most comprehensive financial management tool for families in the United States. MDRP Lifestyle Equity Builder’s S.M.A.R.T. System looks at all aspects of building equity through the elimination of ALL debt and saving of interest with a full budgeting system, chart of accounts and variance reporting capability that helps families stay on track and develop good money management skills for life.